Young Entrepreneurs Under 30

Helping Young Entrepreneurs Under 30 To Grow Their Business

As you may have seen on his About Me and Q&A pages, Danny Nevill aspires to help young entrepreneurs under 30 years old to grow their small businesses into successful, high-quality brands.

As the world continues to develop from traditional to digital in the business industry, Danny believes it’s imperative that the younger generation are taught the fundamentals of how a business works and to inspire them to go for the things they are most passionate about.

Danny’s Previous Experience

With determination, motivation, a strong will, and a willingness to learn – training online since he was just 11 years old and building his first ever website two years later at age 13, Danny has extensive knowledge on all forms of online content and has placed his businesses on the things he loves to do the most.

Danny’s Success

One of Danny’s first-ever business is Universal Web Design. Founded in 2011 at the age of 19, Universal Web Design has received many awards over the years and has become one of the most successful site-developing brands in Essex.

Due to their consistent victories, Danny, along with the people at Universal Web Design has expanded their horizons and recently opened in Lowestoft, Suffolk as of October 2020 and aims to be the number 1 online service company in both Suffolk and then the UK.

Following this, Universal Web Design has taken on several young people between the ages of 16 and 30 as apprentices. Helping them to learn and improve their website building, social media, blogging, and Google product skills and guaranteeing them a bright future in the business industry.

Following his awards, Danny’s success has also lead him to feature on various TV shows. Some of these involving Be Your Own Boss on the BBC, as well as Innocent Drinks.

Services Danny Provides

As people have started to turn to the world of local businesses, it’s not easy for young entrepreneurs under 30 to succeed in the industry. Especially as most companies go out of business before or during their third year.

Nevill Media, another company founded by Danny, provides services to teach entrepreneurs of all ages how to succeed in the online marketing world and to make their business flourish like his.