Womens Jewellery

Womens jewellery has been something that has existed for thousands of years. Women love accessories. Fact. For generations, the adornments of women have been used to convey the power, wealth and respect that society has for the family that that woman belonged to. It was a way to show off the familiar heritage and wealth. Jewellery is also an incredible way to express yourself and show the world a glimpse of who you are.

Jewellery is ancient. There is evidence dotted across the world that it is something that goes back hundreds of thousands of years. Neanderthals were suggested to have made jewellery, that is how old it is. AS humans evolved, for a time, the more elaborate, larger and extravagant the jewellery, the more wealth a person was meant to have. Take the Egyptians, they took extravagance when it came to jewellery to a whole new level. The Romans were famed for their tastes in jewellery. There is a lot of history to go through when it comes to jewellery and that would result in many, many books having to be written in order to even briefly go over the history of women’s jewellery.

Even now, jewellery is a status symbol. The stones, what it is made of, all of it counts towards the traditional separation of classes; what a person has and what they do not have. That divide in recent times has become thinner. There is now a wide range of jewellery available for almost every social class and they are worn by all almost all classes. The cheaper variety of jewellery is seen on almost every stratum of society.  

Affordable jewellery is the name of the game these days for the simple reason that most people cannot afford to spend a large amount of money n jewellery, or they could simply be looking for everyday jewellery to wear that does not cost a lot and if it breaks, it doesn’t matter too much. 

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