Hiring people is no one’s favourite activity. You can go through countless applications every day for hours to find a couple of people that you would not mind interviewing, but then there will be those whom you do not think will be suitable, and you will potentially have to go through the process once again. It can be a long and drawn out issue that seemingly has no end. So here are a few tips that can help make it all a little bit more bearable.

Look for Long Term Potential

Turnover is both irritating and expensive. Unless you are specifically looking for people who will be here in the short term, you want someone who will stick with sound for a while, potentially for their entire career. You want to look for commitment in their CV’s, signs that they are determined to see something through.

Enthusiasm and Passion

If they enjoy their job and are eager to learn and do it, you will have a productive employee. People who want their work are more than likely to stay with that company. Enthusiastic employees will get more jobs done than someone who is not as excited about their work.


If you are looking for a particular skill set, do not be afraid to test those skills. There is nothing worse than hiring someone who has exaggerated their abilities and cannot do the job to the standard you had expected. It just means that the entire time has been a waste of time, and you either have to train them up or fire them and start the whole process over again. So, if you are looking for a specific skill set, test the interviewee and see what they can do. Skill tests are also a great way to judge potential.

Team Player

You want someone who can fit right in and is more than happy to help out their colleagues. You don’t want someone who is not willing to help out; ask for help. Some tasks need to be completed alone, but that is not always a must. Sometimes, you need to work in a team and working well in a group would get results in that case. 


Ambition might not seem like a good thing to some people, but it is a good thing. It motivates people to do better. Ambitious employees will work above and beyond what is required of them and often think of ways to do more and become more efficient. These are the kind of employees perfect for more challenging positions and, thus, any promotions.

Does this help you? Hopefully, it does. If you need further advice, consider using Nexus Networking to make valuable connections that can help you decide what to look for when it comes to a new employee. To find out more, visit the website at www.nexusnetworking.co.uk.