Top Modelling Agency

There are many industries in which Danny Nevill has invested, one of which would be the top modelling agency, X1 Models. This is a fantastic modelling agency with an incredible reputation when it comes to its modelling. What type of modelling does it cater to? Well, that would be glamour modelling.

Glamour modelling gets a bad reputation. That is true, but X1 models have worked hard to ensure that their name and reputation are known for professional models. They scout the country looking for the right models for the company to ensure that their clients are happy with the professional conduct of the models.  Modelling is a hard industry, but X1 models do their best to protect their models from those that would seek to take advantage of their models or try to scam them.

Glamour modelling is an expression of femininity as well as body confidence. these women are proud of their bodies and work hard to maintain the look that got them hired in the first place.

When a model makes it through the selection process, the next step is to find out the models strengths and weaknesses. this is so that they will not be put forward and potentially selected for a client for a job that they will not shine at. this is bad for the model, who could potentially get a bad reputation for her abilities. This is bad for the client who was misled about the model’s abilities as well as bad for the modelling agency.

Each of our models is required to maintain the body that got them through the selection process to the best of their abilities. this means that they eat right as well as exercise regularly. With Glamour modelling, the emphasis is more on the body than on fashion modelling. Glamour modelling is all about how what they look like impacts the audience.

X1 models, a top modelling agency, is just one of the many companies owned by Danny Nevill. to find out more, visit their website at, email them at or give them a call on 01206 509 016.