So, 2020 was a write-off and the beginning of the year wasn’t so great either. Covid has certainly made an impact in every aspect of our lives and that is not just counting when we are in lockdown either. Naturally, this changes how we do some things. We no longer out without a mask, for example, and personal contact, such as handshakes are far more uncommon. This has also changed how we have conducted business. Here are a few trends to watch for this year. 

Work From Home

Ever dream of having your own business? Or are you a business owner already? Do you work in an office? How much more interesting would it be to work from home? This is something that has become essential for many businesses to keep moving forward, earn the income needed for the business to continue. But, the thing is, so many people are finding that working from home is far more convenient for their type of business. It is also a lot cheaper than renting some office space somewhere or a shop. Working from home is becoming a trend that is so much more affordable than simply going to the office or the store. Staying at home means that you not only save on rent and utilities but also on fuel from going to your place of work. You are no longer tempted to get your lunch out. This saves money in so many different ways. (source).


Automation is the process of making certain things automatic instead of manually doing something. This is most commonly seen with social media. In this context, it is planning the next, say 30 days worth of posts on something such as Promo Republic and then setting the days that the posts will be uploaded. This means that on those days, the posts will automatically be uploaded. This saves so much time and means that you can plan ahead certain days in which to dedicate to things such as social media. Social media is just one thing that can be automated. Things such as schedules can be automated so that you can plan out where cover is needed or even just a generic response to emails. (source)


Sustainability is a word that has been tossed around for years. With global warming as a growing threat as well as the pollution of the natural environment and its destruction, sustainability is a major issue. Many companies are looking into the way in which they can reduce their impact on the environment. Recycling has become a big thing in many businesses are looking into. More and more companies are also becoming more virtual bases. They are using things such as emails over letters, Google Docs to share information overprinting and having dedicated recycling bins. Many companies are trying to reduce the amount of plastic they are using by encouraging reusable bottles, for example. Converting to green power over conventional fuel sources. These are only a few ways in which companies and businesses are looking to become more sustainable. (source)

Businesses change and evolve according to how society changes and evolves. One must suit the other in order to remain profitable. These are only a few of the upcoming trends of 2021. There are so many other ways in which business can change and so many other trends to explore. Hopefully, this has given you a general idea of what direction the business world is moving in.