Danny’s businesses are constantly expanding and growing and 2020 sees no difference. For many 2020 caused a halt to business. The pandemic has had a worldwide financial effect, with many businesses having to alter how they operate.

For Danny Nevill, 2020 saw the beginning of his latest venture ‘Your Next Car’.

What Is Your Next Car?

Danny saw a gap in the market for dealerships wanting to list their cars online. The likes of Autotrader have higher listing prices, making profits for car sales minimal. Danny saw that by having lower listing prices, both the dealership and the website would benefit. Why? The dealership is able to list numerous vehicles, with no commissionable or listing costs, just a low monthly subscription. Such a contract results in the dealership listing more cars, benefiting the website by having a larger variation for the consumer. 

From this idea, Danny produced Your Next Car, an online dealership for the sale of new and used cars. The website has clear ease of use and an organised, well navigational pages. 

Why List On Your Next Car?

Not only is the monthly listing price more appealing than others. Your Next Car has major plans for expansion in the future. Whereas many online sites become stagnant and content with their sales, Your Next Car is set to overtake competitors to become a major leader in the automotive industry. With the investment scheme in place for dealerships, such businesses are able to benefit from the success of Your Next Car


As well as a dealership website, Your Next Car has plans to create a community of car enthusiasts. Your Next Car fans will be able to interact with one another through rallies, meetups, and the Car Owner Club. 

As in all of his businesses, Danny has big plans for Your Next Car. Not only will car enthusiasts be able to buy cars online, but Danny also aims to produce engaging content to interact with the motor community. YouTube is the ideal platform to showcase reviews, new listings, and rallies. 

By creating a platform in which consumers can watch, review, and purchase a car ensures the right purchase is being made, through a fun, informative journey. Your Next Car is only just beginning for Danny Nevill, and the future is looking prosperous and exciting. Follow Your Next Car on YouTube to get your dose of petrolhead content.


To view the cars available to purchase on Your Next Car, Click Here.