Forbes is an American magazine, focusing on the finance and investment sector. The global media magazine contains articles on related topics to the business industry and is the ‘go-to’ to find relevant, interesting articles for business people and entrepreneurs alike, from a trustworthy source. 


Forbes launched an article based on the 5 personality traits of an entrepreneur. Such traits are the backbone, and one of the reasons why individuals flourish as an entrepreneur. Danny believes his success in life is not only down to his drive and desire to succeed, but also because he holds these necessary traits (source). 



To succeed, you truly have to believe in what you are doing. Danny is an entrepreneur through and through. All of Danny’s businesses are his pride and passion. Danny finds great reward in success, such rewards would not be capable without the determination and drive to achieve them.


The road to success can occasionally be a bumpy one. If it was smooth sailing, wouldn’t everyone be doing it? With the highs, come the lows, however, recovering and learning from the pits is a strong trait to hold. Resilience to overcome and build up again whilst not letting the fall discourage them. 

Strong Sense of Self

Having a strong sense of self is all about confidence and believing in yourself. Running a successful company is not a solo mission. Before others believe in what you do, your self belief must come first. Having a sense of self-worth enables you to portray and relay your business to others in a trustworthy and convincing manner. Danny’s strong sense of self began as young as 11, having the confidence to sell sunglasses, bought from abroad, at a profit.


Just as entrepreneurs must be resilient to overcome bumps in the road, a form of flexibility must also entail. The economic market and business industry is constantly changing. Having the ability to make adjustments to business plans will help stay afloat. 



An individual would not be an entrepreneur, let alone a successful one if it was not for vision. Danny has the vision for long term success with all his ventures. Without a vision, a business will become stagnant.

Danny’s strengths go beyond these five traits. However, it is such traits that have helped him develop all his businesses into the success that they are today.