What It Takes to Get an Entrepreneurial Award

Life rewards the hard-working, the super-achievers, the unique and excellent people who go beyond what is expected from them.

For every businessman, receiving an entrepreneurial award is a milestone in their career, all the more so when the candidate is a young businessman, who, in the face of all adversities and obstacles that a young entrepreneur faces, receives the accolades.

Do you have what it takes to be, at least, nominated for such an award? Do you think you deserve one when corporate competition seems relentless in modern times? If the answer is yes, have a look below and tick the boxes. It’s not an exhaustive list, but it’s the backbone without which all goes in vain. Here we go..


Nothing comes out of procrastination and one-off jobs. Putting time and effort in your business brainchild is the ultimate springboard on which you can hope to grow it. Complete and utter dedication to the cause is the secret.   


Dedication brings about passion. They go hand in hand. If you are not in love with the business idea that you aspire to grow, forget it. Passion is that daily water dosage that moistens and sprinkles your plant (a.k.a company), nurtures and grows it. Keep the fire alive and see your business juvenile grow steadily.


Did you set up a leading business or just another member of the pack? What is it that makes it different from your competitors? Do you have a long-term plan to succeed? Do you offer first-class customer service? Have you assembled around yourself a happy, well-rewarded and skillful team? If you answered ‘no’ even to one of these, sooner or later you’ll be in trouble…


How your business gets off the ground says a lot about you. Brand-awareness and marketing ideas are what boost a business today, more than your competitors. If customers can’t find you, they won’t pay you. Make them feel interested from the moment they get in touch with you. 


Danny Nevill, a young entrepreneur in Essex, has received two Youth Entrepreneur Of The Year Awards and is the founder of Universal Web Design and Nevill Media. For more information about Danny Nevill’s portfolio, visit dannynevill.com