Business can be tough. It’s a lonely pursuit as you lose contacts, friends and family who can be of any further help or assistance.

Success brings many benefits, however, trust can become lost in others, resulting in no one you can confide in. 

Similarly, you have no one to bounce ideas with, share your woes or sought new advice and guidance from.

You want to learn and listen from those more successful and or experienced in business to you, but where do you turn?

You are searching for a dynamic, forward thinking, experienced, knowledgeable, experienced, trust worthy and reputatable business owner to learn from and work with to develop your business, but where do you turn?

As most business coaches have not ran a successful business or businesses of their own, business consultants know the theory, but application is missing and most successful business owners are already retired, sailed off into the sunset, sipping Pina Coladas.

Subsequently, who you need, want and would actually benefit from, becomes a very small pool of people. 

That’s where the services of Danny Nevill become very beneficial indeed. 

Danny works with businesses and business owners to turn ideas into reality and to actually create business.

There’s a big difference between selling services or products and actually owning and overseeing a company.

One can be and seem a high demanding job, the other, a money making machine.

Danny can help you to achieve the milestones, goals, ambitions and desires you have on a commercial and personal spectrum.

Non-judgemental, highly confidential and extremely open and easy to talk to, Danny will help you to achieve what you truly want from your business and life.

Danny cannot guarantee happiness, but he can guarantee his every effort to help you succeed commercially and with strong financial backing, it is logically easier to do what you want on a personal basis. 

Working with Danny is an ongoing service and solution for you and your companies.

Danny will work with you on:

  1. Reputation
  2. Responsibility
  3. Protection
  4. Security
  5. Structure
  7. Team
  8. Recruitment
  9. Policies
  10. Processes
  11. Salaries
  12. Dividends
  13. Profitability
  14. Services
  15. Products
  16. Income 
  17. Outgoings 
  18. Sales
  19. Marketing
  20. Bookkeeping 
  21. Payroll
  22. Taxes
  23. Websites 
  24. Advertisement
  25. Partnerships
  26. Suppliers
  27. Contacts
  28. Networking
  29. Branding
  30. Leadership
  31. Board 
  32. IT
  33. Agreements
  34. Contracts
  35. HR
  36. Rewards
  37. Retention
  38. Positioning 
  39. Franchise
  40. Vision
  41. Mission
  42. Goals
  43. Personal Ambitions
  44. Personal Desires
  45. Complaints
  46. Resolutions
  47. Warranties
  48. Guarantees

Danny limits his time to 22 VIP accounts at any one time.

You can buy Danny’s time, expertise, support, contacts and confidentiality for £500 per month in addition to 5% shares in your business and costs covered on travel, drinks and food. 

Danny takes a long term approach and view and therefore not only requires a passive income, but also a small slice of the pie you grow together.

Working with Danny you can enjoy:

  1. Telephone Support 9am – 5pm
  2. Emergency Telephone Support 24/7
  3. 1 Monthly Meeting in Person or Zoom
  4. Email Support

Take action and develop your business with Danny Nevill.