Danny Nevill is a proactive and recognised supporter of charities. Danny gets great pleasure from helping people, particularly those in need, investing time, and effort into selfless tasks for needs beyond their own. Danny mostly supports local charities, however, below are some of the current and previous charities he and or his businesses have helped from various forms of support.


Universal Web Design provides ongoing services free of charge to U Turn 4 Support on an ongoing basis. Such services include website design and website support, email marketing, social media marketing and blog management. Overall UWD provides in the region of £3,000 worth of Free support.


Danny has supported Career Ready in possibly every capacity possible to provide support. Career Ready are incredibly pleased to have Danny on board and there are several areas Danny has helped; mentoring, seminars, workshops, guru lectures, mock interviews, inspirational talks, launch events, work experience, business tours.


Nexus Networking supported Ellie Goff and Wellies On CIC for multiple years through charity events, donations and free networking for the team at Wellies On CIC who provide fantastic support to those in need, particularly mental health related support.