Not only does Danny Nevill go above and beyond within the world of digital media. Danny is also doing great things for the charities close to his heart. With success within his industry, Danny feels great joy in helping others reach success within other areas. Whether financial, health, or community based, Danny is constantly wanting to better the quality of life of others through charity help and donations.

Understandably, not all charities can be supported at all times. Because of this, Danny has chosen a few charities to commit his full support to:


UTurn4Support is a charity based in Clacton On Sea. The Charity offers free and confidential advice for those experiencing challenges due to violent crime. The charity takes time to give advice and help to encourage those seeking help to make wise, informed life decisions.

Danny supports UTurn4Support by offering the services of Universal Web Design. Such an offer enables the charity to have access to one of the best online marketing tools in Essex. By having an online presence, UTurn4Support is able to be visible and easily accessible by those who need them the most.


Career Ready

Career Ready offers support to young people across the UK in a range of different aspects. Career Ready creates networks of employers and educators producing tools for young people to access and kickstart their careers. Danny Nevill has been one of these such volunteers, offering his time and knowledge to help those wanting to develop their understanding further. Danny has helped in a range of different aspects for the charity, from seminars and workshops to inspirational talks and work experience. 


Wellies on CIC 

Wellies on CIC are a community-based charity. The charity uses their ‘Care Farm’ to offer their participants life skills through learning and helping the every day running of the farm. Danny has supported Wellies on CIC by offering free Networking, charity events, and donations. 

Each and every charity is unique, as is their requirements. Danny does not just donate to such charities, he takes the time to listen and discover how he can help them to better their charity. Whether it’s through his services or knowledge, each charity taken on has benefited greatly from the offerings of Danny and his companies.