Danny Nevill is a great lover of cars and has owned many luxury, sports, and supercars. Below is some of the collection, shared to motivate and inspire only.

Audi R8 V8 S-Tronic 4.2 Litre Petrol Automatic

The Audi R8 was Danny’s first ever super car, a vehicle he had dreamed of and set as his goal at the age of 19, to be achieved by the age of 25. Danny could afford the R8 at 22 but knew it was the wrong move to make at that time. Withholding his eagerness to acquire his dream car, Danny fulfilled his goal at the age of 25 buying his R8 from the showroom.

Audi R8 V10 S-Tronic 5.2 Litre Petrol Automatic

Danny loves the design and styling of the R8 and claims it is one of the best looking, safest, and best value for money supercars on the market. Danny bought the £130,000 tango red R8 as photographed brand new from Audi Poole aged 28. Danny loves all shapes of the R8 and has driven or owned practically every variation Audi has ever built. With the R8 being such a safe car to drive, Danny wanted to experience the most raw R8 Audi offered with this being the rear wheel drive.

BMW M4 Competition Convertible

The BMW M4 ticks so many boxes when it comes to supercar performance, yet saloon car comforts and space. Furthermore, the BMW i-drive technology system is the best entertainment system out of any brand of car in this period. 450bhp, reat wheel drive, twin-turbo speed machine with 4 seats and a convertible roof. Incredible leather interior and space for golf clubs in the boot. Sporting a San Marino blue exterior with Silverstone blue interior.