Your Next Car

Danny Nevill founded the idea for Your Next Car in 2017. With Universal Web Design attracting the attention of car dealerships who not only wanted a new website, but also marketing, finance calculators, feeds, applications and connections with leading car portals, an opportunity and demand for another solution was begging. 

Subsequently, Danny devised, planned and mapped out the ultimate car portal solution with car dealers, for car dealers, owned by car dealerships and designed to benefit as much of the motor trade throughout the UK as possible.

Unlike other platforms, Your Next Car only sells cars. Only car dealerships can sell cars through Your Next Car with the general public being blocked from such access and for very good reason. 

There were a number of factors that Danny wanted to address with Your Next Car and one of those was the avoidance of fraud. The motor trade has been intertwined with fraudsters for years and with private sellers and small fry dealers being able to defraud customers relatively easily, it was essential that Your Next Car stamped out this issue through verified dealers.

Furthermore, genuine, hard-working, committed car dealerships, of which most are, pay thousands of pounds every month for car portal listing fees. On average, a car dealership spends £7,000 per month on car portal listing fees. 

To make matters worse, car dealers are also limited to the number of cars and images per listing too. So not only is it incredibly expensive but also limiting! 

Danny spoke with many car dealerships on his travels, in business, at car meets, events, and car launches. All car dealers were saying the same thing: “Someone needs to come out with an alternative car portal” and Danny had the ultimate business model up his sleeve.

A dealership-owned car portal, whereby only car dealers could buy a share in the business and only car dealerships could steer how the business operated, the website looked, and features functions.

Until Danny Nevill came up with what is being classed as one of the most amazing and revolutionary business models ever to have been devised, car dealerships had no alternative but to pay extortionate monthly fees to other car portals.

Your Next Car is cheap compared with the other options and regardless, all profits accumulate in a company that car dealerships own anyway.

As with any decent business, it cannot be free. As life, the world, and people do not run or operate for free forever, subsequently, the initial investment and ongoing costs are low, yet enough to ensure Your Next Car remains and can sustain being a market leader.

Subsequently, one of the greatest business benefits for a car dealership is the monthly saving of around £6,000 per month or £72,000 per year or £1 Million saving every 14 years through being an owner of Your Next Car.

Each share is only £10,000 and that is a one-time commitment which also includes the setup of a car dealership such as; website listing, portal access, staff setup, company video, and social media posts.

Your Next Car is taking the motor trade industry and business model creation by storm through its unique, advanced, creative company structure devised by none other than Danny Nevil himself.

If you are a car dealership and want to save money, make money and be in control over your future, then head over to Your Next Car and discuss this amazing opportunity with an Account Manager today!