X1 Models

Danny was spotted by Pamela Boon in Essex to model for her modelling agency and the brands it represents. 

Pamela enjoyed many years as a model herself before becoming a model agency owner in the form of PA Models.

Working well together at PA Models, there was clear synergy between Pamela and Danny.

Pamela was mostly working within modelling for children in the form of Pageants which was of no interest to Danny. 

Pamela was driven to grow and expand the business and Danny had the skillset to do so.

Together they could target an older age group and business clientele. 

Pamela didn’t have the budget for the services Danny could provide and wasn’t all too keen on selling shares in her business either.

Subsequently, X1 Models and Glamouricious were formed.

Each designed to attract and sell the services of both adult models as well as glamour models.

Danny oversees the brand, awareness, reach and networks, whilst Pamela runs and operates the general business activities such as, castings, viewings, bookings, and attending events. 

It is an excellent combination of strength utilisation by both parties. 

So if you are looking for a model or want to become the next top model, get in contact with the team at X1 Models through the website: www.x1models.co.uk