Universal Web Design

Universal Web Design was founded in 2011 by Danny Nevill.

Universal Web Design

Universal Web Design is a multi-award-winning marketing company with the majority of its clients being based in the UK. Some customers are also based in Holland, France, Greece, Brazil, the USA, and Australia.

UWD boasts an in-house team based in the UK resulting in excellent results, customer relations, and synergy with its clients. Universal Web Design is based in the same country, working the same hours, understanding similar terminology and general affairs as its customers.

Many other marketing companies either lie that they have a team, which is false advertising or sub-contract all their work or outsource to others, often overseas and whilst there are some pluses, there is an imbalance of cons. So Universal Web Design commits to such ongoing costs for the benefit of its customers.

UWD is a leader in its class with over 700 customers on its books. Very few marketing or web design companies have anywhere near that level of customers and yet, Universal Web Design strives to reach 10,000 customers by 2025.

Universal not only led by a multi-award-winning entrepreneur but the business focuses on high quality, low price services, forming the perfect formula for small businesses.

Danny spotted a gap in the market when forming Universal Web Design, as there were very few to no marketing companies that offered good value services, had an in-house team, and specialised in small businesses. 

Having built his first website aged 13 and had to sell and market his own products and services both online and offline since the age of 11, Danny was well suited to the creation, formation, and development of what is now one of the largest agencies in Essex and one of the larger marketing companies in the UK.

Customers that UWD attracts span from new start-up businesses with small budgets in need of the essentials to get started to medium, large and national companies with turnovers that exceed £35 Million and iconic brands such as SUBWAY.

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Communication, customer satisfaction, organisation, and structure are the core areas Danny works on with his teams continuously. 

UWD is a systems-driven business, making it scalable and capable of managing customers in large volumes.

At times the company is managing over 100 new website builds at one time, not only for its own clients but also for its partner businesses and resellers.

UWD is currently home to over 20 staff and is greatly appreciated by its suppliers due to the business being reasonable and proactive, solution focused and fast paying as a company.

UWD was valued at £1.8 Million in 2019 with plans to become a £10 Million company by 2025.

The aim for Universal Web Design is to grow from 700 clients and 20 team members to 10,000 clients and 100 team members over the next 5 years.

Big goals, big ambitions, and a plan Danny Nevill and his team are working hard on to achieve!