Nexus Networking

Nexus Networking is a members only, business networking organisation, designed for business owners to connect and support one another.

Network meetings originally took place only over breakfast, however meeting formats has diversified somewhat compared with how it call began. 

Meetings now also take place over ZOOM due to the COVID-19 outbreak and members seem to prefer ZOOM as the main networking format.

Social events, meeting over breakfast and meeting up for drinks will continue as people buy from people and anyone people focused, enjoys meeting in person too.

Nexus was founded by Gavin Perrett, Rob Browring and Paul Lomas.

Nexus had the one group in Brentwood which met every week on a Friday.

Danny Nevill became a member several years later and drove from Colchester to Brentwood each week.

Not too long later, Gavin, Rob and Paul chose to employ Danny and his company Universal Web Design to undertake marketing activities for Nexus Networking with a plan to expand.

Danny then attended management and board meetings to discuss plans, ideas, strategies, systems and processes to expand Nexus in terms of membership, but also to cater for the new customers’ needs and expectations.

As Nexus grew with plans taking formation, Danny then became a Director and Shareholder with plans to expand the business throughout Essex and then into London.

Collectively, they decided to open up another group in Brentwood, at the same place and location as demand was now so high for membership.

Logically, it made little sense to have two groups operating from the same location long term.

Subsequently, they expanded into Chelmsford, Witham and Colchester to follow. 

Nexus then opened its doors to lunchtime networking, once per month in Chelmsford.

Training memberships soon followed with access only to training events.

Nexus has gone from strength to strength and what was a single location 23 member group became a 90 member based organisation with 4 groups, new membership options, meeting formats and revenue streams.

Over the coming years, Nexus plans to expand its membership base for each of the morning meetings, grow a large lunch time networking group and offer evening meetings to those who prefer to meet over drinks and at night rather than the early birds enjoying a lovely breakfast before making a difference.

What Nexus has excelled at is its community spirit. Support for one another, collaboration and cooperation between members alike. Several members have been a part of Nexus for 5 or more years which is a testament to the business, its format and the benefits members experience.