Nevill Media

Nevill Media was one of the world’s first-ever online training providers! 

Online Training

Unlike almost any other company in this sector, Nevill Media delivered all of its training online through videos and guides. 

The idea came to Danny whilst on the road delivering seminars Live to schools, colleges, universities, businesses, corporate events, networking events, charitable gatherings and seminars. 

Danny found himself traveling to such events and covering similar topics each time with most of the audience being at a similarly low level of knowledge. 

Subsequently, most of the audience were wanting and needing to know the same type and level of information as one another.

Assessing his use of time and opportunity for scalability, Danny believed there had to be a more time-effective way to help and support such a large audience. 

The demand and desire for Danny to speak live continued to grow and whilst Danny loves to speak live, the content most people were in demand for, did not require a huge amount of personal engagement. 

Danny was covering similar topics each time, spanning; the basics of marketing, web design, video, entrepreneurship and running a business.

The same questions, discussions, topic points and levels of knowledge were being identified. So much so, that Danny saw and understood what people wanted to know and were willing to pay to learn.

Nevill Media

So Danny drew up a business plan, learning schedule, future content plans and devised Nevill Media.

One of the world’s first-ever, online training platforms! 

Nevill Media is what is now referred to as a Learning Management System.

Users can sign up, subscribe, pay a monthly fee on automation and learn materials, all through the internet. 

Danny and his team created solutions to prevent people from being able to download all of the videos and guides at once, then leave by blocking download or file saving facilities. 

They devised code and scripts to protect content from being accessed elsewhere, they prevented multiple users from sharing the same login, and built an affiliate system, which was also very new at the time, for users to earn money by recommending Nevill Media.

Danny and Nevill Media also coded in a revenue share system so that content creators could produce approved content for the platform and earn their share of earnings, much like YouTube.

An incredible successful project from a 19-year-old, creating such an advanced and complicated system, but also a business model.

Universal Web Design, another business Danny owns, has won a number of projects off the back of demonstrating Nevill Media and its many capabilities to prospective customers.

Making Nevill Media as a website design, learning management system, revenue share system, an affiliate system, a truly successful trophy project.