Dino Gavanni

Danny Nevill bought and sold products from the age of 11. Danny founded Dino Gavanni in 2008 as an alternative to Accessorise. 

Dino Gavanni Jewellery

Both businesses selling similar products with very similar business models, Danny saw its storefront presence being the biggest strength but also a greatest weakness that Accessorise could face.

Whilst Accessorise is a great-looking business model from the outside, in-store and on paper, any business owner would and should have growing concerns over the high street.

Not that selling physical goods from a physical outlet is not a good idea. The issue is that a physical presence for a low costing product is of greater risk than that of a high-margin product or equity product. 

Whilst percentage-wise Accessorise boasts huge margins, equity-wise, their products are cheap and there is only so much you can make from a tenner.

Hence the evolution with Dino Gavanni, a quirky, luxury-sounding brand selling excellent value, low costing products online. 

Dino Gavanni

A revolutionary business model whereby customers could subscribe to a product package order and receive a unique product each month, making being a subscriber, affordable, within budget, exciting and more affordable as you receive a further discount.

If you would like to buy some cool, quirky, low-cost, great-looking fashion jewellery for yourself, a friend, family member, partner, loved one or subscribe, then head over to Dino Gavanni and take a look around the online store.