Business Network Events

Are you considering developing your career long-term by learning from and meeting new people? Look no further than Danny Nevill for the solution. Danny has achieved this solution through the development of his business network events.

Danny Nevill

Danny Nevill is a young entrepreneur that is the founder of multiple award-winning companies. One of these companies is Nexus Networking. This company specialises in creating an expansive contact base for other driven entrepreneurs that want to grow and develop their skills.

Nexus Networking

Nexus Networking is a group of established business professionals that interact and share knowledge so that each member can stay up to date on current trends as well as meet prospective clients. By interacting with these professionals, you will be able to access opportunities in which you may not have been able to find on your own.

The primary objective of Nexus is to ensure that all members build a strong relationship as well as take valuable information with them after each session. The greater amount of events in which you attend will allow for more room to grow. This will also allow you to become more familiar and involved with each member of Nexus.

The team at Nexus Networking believes the key to creating a successful network is to build trust and form good relationships. Being visible to others and attending regularly in your networking circle is necessary to build these relationships. Exchanging information with others will allow you to gain insight into different avenues in which you may not have experience.


Nexus runs business network events for four days each week. These locations include Witham, Brentwood, Chelmsford, and Colchester. All information regarding events can be found on the Nexus Networking Website.

As well as developing and improving your skills, networking with Nexus will allow you access to all the necessary resources to develop your career. Whether you are an established business or a small firm trying to expand, acquiring a membership with Nexus Networking will increase your opportunities for success.

To receive professional contacts through business network events, contact the friendly team at Danny Nevill on 01206 588 000, email or click here to find out more information.