Covid-19 means changes and challenges. That much everyone knows by now. It is something that just about everyone has experienced. From the pain and loneliness of self-isolation to the closure of businesses that are risk factors to the spread of the virus. It is a bad situation for just about everyone. The Economy is down, businesses are suffering because they have been forced to close permanently because they just can’t afford to carry on. To survive it means to Adapt. 

Covid Precautions

To be open, in an office or a shop, you have to take precautions. The most blatant decision to be made would be hand sanitiser and handwashing facilities. You need to have clear hand sanitiser stations, the virus most commonly is transferred by touch. Another practical precaution to take would be regular cleaning, more regular than you used to do it, hourly, for example instead of every few hours. These are two of the simplest and easiest methods and the simplest ways of controlling the spread. Sneeze guards are another method. It means that there is less chance of person to person spread through sneezing and coughing if there is a barrier between people. Finally, limiting the number of people in any one room. Limit the number of customers/clients that visit the office or shop. Stagger break of your employees and have anyone who can work from home, work from home.

Most small businesses do not have a web presence. They haven’t needed it, having relied on foot traffic or paper advertisement. The problem with that is if you are working from home, you can’t sell anything in your shop because it’s closed. Web Presence is a method that many businesses are using to survive in the pandemic. Simply giving the public even a basic website where they can find up to date information where they can contact you to discuss a product or a service. The more adventurous can branch into online ordering and shopping. This means that you can now continue to sell your product online and thus do not suffer as bad a hit while your store or business is closed. Adaptability is the way forward for businesses, especially in a society with severe restrictions due to the fear of the virus spreading. 

Adaptation is the way for businesses not just to survive but to thrive. It is the way forward not just to get through the Pandemic, but to expand your business. Throughout history, businesses have had to change to suit what was happening in society and this is simply another instance of change being forced that means businesses have to adapt to survive.