From a young age, Danny was incredibly fast and loved playing football. He has always been enthusiastic about playing sports.


The fastest in his class and year at school.

Often found playing football with children 2 to 3 years senior to himself.

Older kids loved to play football with Danny as he was super fast, coupled with a powerful shot, dribbling abilities and fearless.

Students often suggest he had a bright future ahead in football.

Subsequently, it was not too long before Colchester United, his most local major team came knocking to join the Centre of Excellence.

Danny enjoyed several years as part of the Centre of Excellence in addition to a glowing club level record.

Sporting a similar playing style to Frank Lampard or Kaka at a younger age, Danny scored many goals from a central midfield and central attacking positions.

Always very strong, Danny was a physical and fast player with a very powerful shot.

Between the ages of 12 and 15, people often referred to his shooting abilities like that of a Rocket!


Danny captained several teams and achieved unbeatable seasons not once, not twice but 4 times!

Considering Arsenal achieved a similar feet in 2004 which was an incredible achievement at a higher level, it is still testament to how amazing an achievement this is for Danny Nevill.

To go unbeaten 4 times with 4 different sets of people, is truly remarkable!

Danny suggests it is largely down to mindset coupled with endless effort.

Danny goes onto explain that his approach to every game is that “we should win this game”. “We must win this game”,”there is no reason we should lose”, “we should win every game”,”the plan is to score, then score another and another, until the whistle blows”.

His incredible mindset is probably why one of his teams achieved over 100 goals in a single season as well as more than 27 goals in a single game!

One of Danny’s most fond memories was receiving an award by non-other than 1966 World Cup Winner, England Legend, Sir Geoff Hurst.

Danny had to make the hard choice of either Football or Golf at the age of 13 due to age being a permitting factor to both sports.

Ahead of his peers in football but without control over his destiny, Danny chose to pursue Golf as he had full control over his future within which he progressed incredibly through absolute dedication and focus on Golf, going from 24 handicap aged 13 to professional aged 16!